ROOMS 房間介紹 ~ 獨立衛浴大套房,乾淨舒適溫馨推薦-已停止出租

房間介紹 : 參觀我們的房間 ! 座北朝南的寧靜小區,生活機能便利


★ 繽紛秘境- 喜洋洋陽紅色彩。室內大面落地窗

★ 幸福藍天- 讓夢想放飛的幸福溫馨歸處,徜徉藍天白雲懷抱。室內大面落地窗

★ 浪漫公主- 皇室般的紗簾垂墜在Queen size加大實木四柱床,滿足享受,室內大面觀景落地景緻窗


★ 城裡的月光- 溫柔的黃色月光,照亮、溫暖您的心房。

★ 忘憂森林-  優閒樂活田園風,不覺中便忘卻俗事煩擾。兩面採光。

★ 悠遊藍海- 成群的大魚小魚,游出一幅美麗自在的畫面。兩面採光。


   .室內為7~10坪大套房,獨立衛浴。1F客廳生活共享區域,空間舒適、乾淨明亮。環境輕優,讓您自在地在鳥鳴聲中甦醒 .  

   .房間有32吋液晶電視、無線網路、小冰箱、冷氣、電熱水器,及吹風機.電水壺...   等

 繽紛秘境– 標準雙人床*1

  幸福藍天– 標準雙人床*1

  浪漫公主– Queen size加大雙人床*1

 城裡的月光- 標準雙人床*2



  房租 ♣  依租期1個月~1年不同

  匯款銀行:合作金庫銀行西屯分行(006), 帳號:1438-7655-23299 , 戶名:古韻美  來信或來電 TEL:0931146613, 0920638204


 Φ 海外租房 Overseas Rent


 【台灣帳戶】 > 合作金庫銀行西屯分行(006), 帳號:1438-7655-23299 , 戶名:古韻美


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ROOMS – big room with own shower washroom. Clean, comfortable and warm.

♣ Double bed room 

 ★ Fun Fam – radiant sun red color. Indoor floor to ceiling windows.

 ★ Happy Bluesky – warm and happy stopover travelers, wandering around the arms of the blue sky. Indoor floor to ceiling windows.

 ★ Romantic Princess – romantic gauze drape is increasing princess four-poster bed, enjoy and satisfied , viewing room floor to ceiling window views

♣ Quadruple bed room 

 ★ Moonlight City – soft yellow moonlight to illuminate and warm your heart.

 ★ Lotus Forest –   Leisure Broadwood pastoral style, they unconsciously forget the mundane annoyance.

 ★ Swimming Ocean – flocks of small and big fish, swim out a beautiful free picture.

※ provide housing ice-warm-hot reverse osmosis open drink machine, 5 minutes walk there is a coin laundromat and a personal service laundry, street parking available opposite the house.

. Interior is 23~33 square meter suite with own separate bathroom. 1F has a living room for the public space. The building spaces are comfortable, clean and bright. Ambient light excellent, quiet, allowing you to freely wake up in the sound of birds.

. The rooms have 32-inch LCD TV , free Wi-Fi , a small refrigerator , air conditioners, electric water heaters, and hotel Class warm velvet feather is set, double component Toiletries, face and bath towels (Respond to Green Earth , welcome bring your own set!). Besides, there are hair dryer, kettle, free coffee and tea bags . . .and so on.

  • Room rates above are exclusive of 5% business tax. No service charge will be incurred
  • Room rental is subject to change with your during period
  • No pets allowed
  • No smoking in all building. Prohibit cooking / loud noise / party and any illegal things

♣ Overseas payment  

Remittance Account (USD Account): E.SUN Commercial Bank, Ltd. (SWIFT CODE: ESUNTWTP) , Beneficiary A/C No.: 1159-441-012181, Beneficiary Name: KU, YUN-MEI

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