About 初見。關於。東海我的家 ( 台中租屋推薦首選, 台中租房, 台中月租 )-已停止出租

Φ 關於…東海我的家 Φ

這裡有美麗的景觀、清新的空氣、濃厚的人文,往西看是台灣海峽,往東看是綿延的山景與台中市景、夜景。 …堅持給您最溫暖舒適的空間, 我們將竭誠為您服務~

抬頭圖租屋請洽TEL: 0931-146613

抬頭圖匯款帳戶:合作金庫(銀行代碼006)西屯分行, 帳號:1438-7655-23299 , 戶名:古韻美


Φ 我的位置 Φ

位在東海大學旁. 東海別墅新興路7巷接大同街上(與大順街口) ,走路到東海夜市只要8分鐘唷

Φ 房間介紹 Φ

1.室內為7~10坪大套房,獨立衛浴。1F客廳為公共活動空間,空間舒適、乾淨明亮。環境輕優,讓您自在地在鳥鳴聲中甦醒 .  

 2.房間有32吋液晶電視無線網路小冰箱、冷氣、電熱水器,及吹風機.電水壺...   等.  

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 ★ 繽紛秘境- 標準雙人床*1,喜洋洋陽紅色彩。室內大面落地窗

 ★ 幸福藍天- 標準雙人床*1,旅人的幸福溫馨歇腳處,徜徉藍天白雲懷抱。室內大面落地窗

 ★ 浪漫公主- Queen size加大雙人床*1,皇室般的紗簾與實木四柱床,滿足享受,室內大面觀景落地窗

 ★ 城裡的月光- 標準雙人床*2,溫柔的黃色月光,照亮、溫暖您的心房。

 ★ 忘憂森林- 標準雙人床*2,優閒樂活田園風,不覺中便忘卻俗事煩擾。

 ★ 悠遊藍海- 標準雙人床*2,成群的大魚小魚,游出一幅美麗自在的畫面。


※房子對面可路邊停車。提供 冰溫熱 逆滲透開飲機,走路5分鐘就有投幣自助洗衣店 。



服務專線TEL: 0931 -146613(晚上12點~早上9點休息唷)

0920-638204 歡迎來電~記得一定要先預約喔!


帳號: 1438-7655-23299  戶名: 古韻美



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台中最新熱門景點及活動, 都在我們的部落格裡喔 (痞客邦) : http://muaji.pixnet.net/blog

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Φ About us…Dunghai Myhouse Φ

There are beautiful landscapes, fresh air, a strong cultural, west to see the Taiwan Strait, east to see a stretch of mountain scenery and Taichung night view. … insist on giving you the most warm and comfortable living space, we will be happy to serve you ~

Figure riseReservations please contact TEL: 0931-146613

Figure riseRemittance Account (USD Account): E.SUN Commercial Bank, Ltd. (SWIFT CODE: ESUNTWTP) , Beneficiary A/C No.: 1159-441-012181, Beneficiary Name: KU, YUN-MEI

Brief introduction

Φ Our Position Φ

We are in the convenient place next to Dunghai University – Longjing Dist., Datong Street (corner with Dashun St.) in Taichung City. Walking to the Donghai Night Market only takes 8 minutes.

Φ Our room presentation Φ

1. Interior is 23~33 square meter suite with own separate bathroom. 1F has a living room for the public space. The building spaces are comfortable, clean and bright. Ambient light excellent, quiet, allowing you to freely wake up in the sound of birds.

2. The rooms have 32-inch LCD TV , free Wi-Fi , a small refrigerator , air conditioners, electric water heaters, and hotel Class warm velvet feather is set, double component Toiletries, face and bath towels (Respond to Green Earth , welcome bring your own set!). Besides, there are hair dryer, kettle, free coffee and tea bags. . . and so on.

Our facebook : https://www.facebook.com/myhouse.th

※ street parking is available opposite the house. Providing ice-warm-hot reverse osmosis drink machine. Only 5 minutes walking to a coin-operated laundromat or personal service laundry.

★ Service Hotline TEL : +886931146613 , +886920638204 ( 0:00 – 9:00am is rest time ). E-mail: kumei77@hotmail.com

★ We also provide overseas pay by PayPal. The Paypal Account: kumei77@hotmail.com

★ Official website : https://www.ourhome.tw/